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- Sam Fuller

To Be Eaten || Short Experimental

In the spaghettis world when the humans were eaten.

Seven Years Ago ||  Short Film

An international conservative student who found him-self in a complex inner struggle to answer a question which goes against his believes.

Islam Badr || Showreel 2018

A Collection of some of my best projects in 2018. It includes shots from four short experimental films, two short fictions, a music video and a wedding coverage.

Endless || Short Experimental

It's not a story of main characters having struggle together but it's the story of life. 

Affiliation || Music Video

When every creature realizes their nature.

The shooting is done in "Faruk Yalçın" zoo in Istanbul, Turkey.

Beyond Recognition II Short Experimental 

It shows how the Rabia massacre -which happened in Egypt 2013 after the military coup- was suspended by the minds of its contemporaries.

Innocent Souls || Short Experimental

A smooth mixture between humans and nature. Nothing is fake in this film. This is the reality of the innocent souls. Relaxing and emotional content. Done in Turkey.

Deep Rest || Short Film

The depression is a ghost that chases your soul. Beat it and help the others.

Never Returns || Short Experimental

If you have lost someone you love by death. He lives in your mind. Back in 2018 I was the one man crew of this short experimental film.

Istanbul Marathon || Music Video

Istanbul Marathon is the biggest yearly event that happens in Turkey sponsored by "Vodafone". Back in 2018 I was able to make a 15 minutes short documentary about it. Then I did this music video that briefly put the viewer into the beautiful and intense atmosphere of the run.

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